Elgato isi indreapta atentia catre iPhone si vor sa gaseasca o solutie pentru a reda live TV direct pe iPhone. Nu prin diferite adaptoare (pentru ca ar epuiza rapid bateria iPhone-ului) ci direct de pe Mac-ul de acasa (exclus PC deocamdata).

Elgato’s Product Marketing Manager:

“We’re asked a lot about that,” he said. “We could make a Freeview adapter for iPhone. One that draws power from the battery and has an aerial. But the phone would need to convert the MPEG stream. That’s a lot of work, so it’s far better to stream it.”

Elgato’s solution would work in a similar way to Sling Media’s Slingbox, but instead of needing a new set-top box, you’d simply plug one of the company’s USB TV tuners into your Mac at home, and let it re-compress the signal for iPhone, before streaming it over the web.

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