iD Software ofera gratuit pentru o perioada limitata (1 saptamana) celebrul joc pentru iOS Rage si Rage HD (iPad). Initiativa a pornit sub forma unei provocari/promotii pe Facebook in care compania a promis ca jocul va fi gratuit pentru o perioada limitata daca 100.000 de persoane vor da Like paginii oficiale.

Rage este disponibil pentru platforma iOS din Noiembrie 2010 si este considerat de multi unul dintre cele mai bune jocuri din AppStore.

RAGE for iOS begins with a selection of three levels (or, “seasons” of the Mutant Bash TV show) along with difficulty levels ranging from “easy” to “nightmare”. The goal is to make your way through each of these levels and earning as much in-game cash as possible. RAGE for the iPhone is entirely on rails, and it plays a lot like other arcade-style rails shooters like Time Crisis. The game runs you through each level and you control your field of view, aiming at things with a crosshair in the center of the screen.

Rage, Rage HD

Via MacRumors