iTunes a reinventat muzica, Pixar ce acum apartine Disney, iPhone-ul a revolutionat telecom-ul. As adauga: AppStore-ul (primul magazin de aplicatii pentru telefoane), iBooks si iAds.

Iata cateva din citatele revistei Fortune:

“He is a visionary, a micromanager, and a showman who creates such anticipation around new products that their releases are veritable holidays.”
“And Jobs is a pop culture icon like no other business executive: An episode of The Simpsons a few years ago featured a Jobs-like character named Steve Mobs.”
“His dictator-like control can cause havoc for partners: Jobs, 55, has decided, for example, that Apple products won’t support Adobe Flash, the code most video-heavy websites depend on, leading designers to switch to new tools. But Jobs’ vision is also what gives these devices their elegance, causing consumers’ hearts to flutter.”
“With the launch of his first product, the iMac G3, Ive turned the utilitarian gray desktop computer into a translucent, gumdrop-shaped fashion statement.”